Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reliable Internet Connections for Home-based Jobs

With this fast-changing and high-tech world, people have now the options on how to earn money in most convenient ways.

There are lots of home-based online jobs. Here in the Philippines, since we Filipinos take English as our second language, we make use of it. Most home-based online jobs in the Philippines are teaching English, article writing, blogging, virtual assistant, managing accounts, turn your house into a home-based call center and a lot more!

But these jobs wouldn’t be possible without the help of the reliable DSL internet connection. I’m having online jobs and I really need a stable internet connection to keep my jobs. My internet connection at home is PLDT My DSL; I also have back-up internet connection thru Sun USB Broadband - in cases of blackouts.

My bosses and clients are depending on my services, that’s why I also depend on my internet providers to keep me going!


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