Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Straight from the heart of Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos (born June 23, 1981) is a Filipino-Canadian singer who appeared on the reality television show Canadian Idol. He placed seventh runner-up in the finals of Canadian Idol Season One in August 2003.

Mikey captivates audiences with his energy, lyrics, performance and passion. He touches the hearts of music lovers internationally with his passionate soulful vocals and emotionally charged song lyrics. Beyond the sheer of marvel of his voice, his brilliance as an artist, performer and song writer has placed him in an exceptional category that earned him a reputation for igniting the crowd with his mercurial vocalise and musicianship show after show.

For you to know what I'm talking about, I attached one of my favorite songs/videos from Mikey - I find it and Mikey super cute! He's indeed charming!

Filipino Courtship Tutorial

In Philippines, courtship (panliligaw) still exists. This video by Mikey Bustos (Filipino-Canadian) will teach you how to court - in a Filipino way. Native Filipinos or not, you can learn from this video on how to treat your girl right.

Special Siopao - WOW!

My lunch – Special Siopao with chili sauce (with lemon) to add spice and enhance its taste, only at Mandarin Oriental Restaurant.

Mandarin Oriental Restaurant in Cagayan de Oro City is one of the most sought after Chinese restaurants in the city. If you are a Chinese food lover - who is in the City of Golden Friendship, I highly recommend Mandarin Oriental Restaurant.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Have Yogurts to Avoid Hurts

I love yogurts! Yogurts are one of the healthiest foods you can take. I always make it a point to have stocks in my fridge – not just to keep up good health, but eating yogurts makes me happy – which also makes me healthy mentally.
Nestlé brings out the new twist of yogurt - Nestlé FRUIT SELECTION YOGURT with JELLY! It is indeed “Jellicious”! Jelly on top and yogurt at the bottom with bits of fruits - strawberry, buco pandan, melon and peach mango!
Some reasons why yogurt is good for you:
1. It helps help proper digestion. A lot of people worldwide are lactose intolerants and don’t have enough digestive enzymes to break down sugar – which are found in milk and other dairy products. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria which can help the stomach digest and break down the lactose properly.
2. It has the good bacteria to strengthen immune system. Studies show that people who eat yogurt at least twice a day for months increase the levels of protein in the body that fight diseases.
3. It fights ulcers. Ulcers can be very distractive due to pain; and sufferers have to take antibiotics to treat their ulcers, but this is hassle and expensive. Yogurt gives active cultures that can keep harmful bacteria under control naturally – without drugs.
4. It contains calcium. We all know that calcium strengthens our teeth and bones – to get rid from having osteoporosis; it contains about 40% of the daily recommended calcium intake.

Be healthy - meet Shaun T!

Shaun T is a a renowned dancer, choreographer and fitness expert – the man behind Hip Hop Abs. Shaun is a native of New Jersey who’s currently residing at New York City. He earned a degree in BS in Sports Science and a minor in Theater/Dance from Rowan University.

Shaun has extensive theater and television dance experience. When he first began to dance, he immediately developed a interest in choreography. He has been working as a choreographer of multiple high-profile events, like choreographing Tony Gonzalez from the movie Bring It On.

Recently, Shaun has partnered with Beachbody to create Insanity - a total body workout that aims to transform your body from regular to fabulous in only 60 days.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can't Take That Away from Me

At some points in our lives we felt unwanted and rejected, and they shouldn’t be reasons to give up our hopes and dreams, instead we should take them as challenges to push us to bring out the best in us.

I usually listen to this song especially when I’m down and weak; this song gives me much encouragement that life is not easy, and that I should have strong and firm principles.

I hope this song will also inspire you like it does to me… dream, believe and succeed!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cosy Moments at Missy

With this fast changing world, pressures have been part of our daily lives; pressures here and there make us exhausted at times. Let us not forget to unwind and tickle our sweet side at Missy Bon Bon, and for sure we’ll be energized for the upcoming pressures. Whoa, bring it on!

Stylist Wanna Be

I love to make new styles with my It Girl, a.k.a. online doll. These are just some of the styles I did. Hmm, I might change my career to being a stylist huh! well, who knows... why not?! wink!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Yipee Yehey Birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of my niece, so I thought of sending her this e-present... =)

Holy Week: Eat but no meat

I’m a Roman Catholic Christian, and I usually observe the religious activities set by the church – especially on Holy Week. I’m not a super religious person, but I’m prayerful and I have a personal relationship with God. In fact, I was an active youth leader (Youth For Christ – YFC) when I was younger – both community and campus bases.
Today is Holy Friday, a lot of people ask if eating meat is really prohibited on this day. In my own opinion – especially in this modern time, I guess it’s okay to eat meat, but of minimal portion only. The main objective of Holy Week is to abstain – meaning to minimize the things you usually do or food you usually eat, like meat; these are so called little sacrifices. I guess it’s not really too much to ask, compared to the (physical, emotional and mental) pains that Jesus went through to save all mankind.

Actually, abstinence is not only done during Holy Week, but even before you take communion in mass; it’s advisable not too have food intake an hour before the mass. I know some people who wake up at dawn – around 2 or 3 am to pray, have 9 days novena or even travel to attend the feasts of Saints, because it has been a belief that if you pray with little sacrifices, what you have prayed for will be answered and granted.

So, it’s okay to eat meat, but just small cuts; but it’s also advisable not to.

Super K girls ^_^

I just miss these girls... Although we don't see much lately, memories and friendships will be kept... 'til we meet again Super K girls! ^_^

eyes eyes baby

I couldn’t remember the time when I had my 20-20 vision. When I was in my grade school years, my eyes had grades already; I used eyeglasses until college. My friend suggested me to wear contact lenses for convenience. At first, I was hesitant because of the negative stories I heard on eye infections – caused by contact lenses. But I eventually bought some pairs after seeing my friends who looked good without their glasses on.

My first 2 pairs were transparent; 3rd was brown and 4th pair (I wore in this picture) was gray-blue - both my first colored contacts were from Freshlook Contact Lenses; for sure I'll be trying some more colors soon...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Asia's Rising Pop Star - Charice

Charice Pempengco a.k.a. Sunshine Corazon on Glee just makes me proud to be a Filipino. The way she speaks English has improved a lot – she sounds like a native speaker in English. And oh, her acting is way too good!

Mall of Asia - MOA... WHOA!!! ; )

Mall of Asia (MOA) - a shopping mall owned and developed by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall developer and owner in the Philippines. SM Mall of Asia is the 3rd largest shopping mall in Asia and the 4th[1] (Ref. Forbes' World's 10 Largest Shopping Malls) largest shopping mall in the world. It has a land area of 42 hectares and has a gross floor area of an approximate 390,193 m² (4.2 million square feet)[2] and 407,101 m² of total area. The mall is located in Bay City, Pasay City, Philippines near the SM Central Business Park, the Manila Bay and the southern end of EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue). – (Wikipedia)
P.S. I looked haggard in these pictures for I traveled for hours... wink!

Sinulog... shagit ug kusog!

Santo Niño on a white horse
These pictures were taken during the Santo Niño exhibits at the mall - in time for the Sinulog Festival 2011 at Cebu City.

FYI: "shagit ug kusog" means "shout aloud"

Healthy Way to Start My Day

I am a cookies lover, and I always make sure that I have stocks of my favorite cookies. I usually eat Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookies paired with fresh milk for breakfast. It’s a healthy way to start my day.

We all know that oats give us fiber for proper digestion. Not just that, eating oats regularly provides a wide range of important health benefits. Oats can drastically improve the quality of your life.

Here are some of the reasons to eat Oatmeal:
1. May help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.
2. Can help you control your weight.
3. May reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.
4. May help reduce high blood pressure.
5. Contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
6. Source of protein, complex carbohydrates and iron.
7. May actually reduce the risk for certain cancers.
8. Quick, convenient and absolutely delicious.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I so love it... wink!

While waiting for my friend who was having a transaction at LBC Hari ng Padala, I was enjoying a can of my favorite Zest-O Root Beer and not to forget to capture the moment... but of course! wink!

Shine Jesus Shine

Divine Mercy Shrine
El Salsador, Misamis Oriental
May of 2010 when I joined (with my aunts, grandmother and cousins) our annual family reunion – held at Iligan City. On our way home, we decided to visit the Divine Mercy Shrine, since it's located at El Salvador – which we can pass by on our way to Cagayan de Oro City.
At that time, the 50-feet Shrine was still under construction. Despite of it, devotees and visitors were still welcomed. The organizers of the shrine made clear that there are rules to be followed strictly when you are in the sanctuary. The place should be kept solemn; Cameras and bags are not allowed in going up to the altar. They also have skirts (for women) to be borrowed when entering the Shrine.

The rays of the Divine Mercy serve as the stairs in going to and from the heart of the statue of Christ. In the heart of Christ is a mini altar. The organizers of the shrine encourage people to pray while on their way to the altar, because everyone will only be given at least a minute to stay there, so that everyone will be given the chance to reach the altar.

Before you can go up to the altar at the heart of the statue of Christ, a short seminar (about the Shrine’s rules and the intentions of visiting the place) will be conducted. They strictly implement the “No Seminar, No Entry” policy – this is to have order in the Shrine. (With my grandma; the picture was taken before the seminar started.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Simply Comfy!

Women (and a lot of men) have regular pedicures not just for personal hygiene, but for fashion as well. In connection, I'd like to share my pedicure of the week; nail polish color is Rainbow Tan. And of course, I have my Havaianas Sandals - especially this summer, to make myself always on the go.

Prayerful by Nature

St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, Cagayan de Oro City

Night and Front View

Inside View

Prayer Room

I usually go to this room every time I feel the need to talk to God without distractions. I like the place because it's quiet, cold and solemn. There are chairs, carpets and foams provided for your comfort while praying. The room should be respected - there are dress codes to be followed before getting into the room. Silence should be kept; talking and singing inside are strictly prohibited. Also, phones should be turned off.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Certified Cookies Lover

Yes, I'm a certified cookies lover! I can't explain why; I feel depressed if I don't have stocks at home. There is a innate joy I feel to have and eat cookies paired with a glass of fresh milk. And one of my favorite cookies is Oreo Cookies. Well, the picture above explains best. My friend Lani caught me checking out new flavors and fillings.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday is God's way...

Palm Sunday (the start of holy week) is the start of God's ways to save people from sins.

Christians celebrate Palm Sunday as the entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem – a week before His death on the cross and resurrection. Palm Sunday, also known as “Passion Sunday” is the first day or beginning of Holy Week.

You might ask why it was named as “Palm Sunday”; this was because when Jesus entered Jerusalem, people welcomed him by waving palm branches. From then on, the religious tradition has been handed from generation to generations – until at present time…

Every Palm Sunday, religious people (like Priests in Roman Catholic) bless the palms of believers with prayers and holy water, to recall Christ's sufferings, death and resurrection to save all mankind from sins.

Friday, April 15, 2011

In fairness, it's Viernes!

With close friends; These pictures were taken 2 years ago at T.G.I.Friday’s Cebu City - during its Sinulog Festival. I loved the place, festive atmosphere, very accommodating staff and crew and course, the mouth-watering FOOD! yum! yum! burp! ops, wink! I'll definitely dine again at T.G.I.Friday's.

FYI: Viernes means Friday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let there be light...

It has been a belief that to light candles with prayers will make miracles.

There are different colors of candles with their specific meanings.

For religious people, we believe that candles are sacred, because they seal our prayers to God. Each specific prayer can be sealed by lighting specific color of candles.

I lit these candles first hour of January 1, 2011 - New Year's Day, to welcome the new year with positive vibrations and prayers for good luck throughout the year.

Color and meaning:
Green - success, wealth, health, marriage and fertility.

Red - passion, love, emotional strength, warmth, attraction, magnetism and physical strength

White - The Balance of all colors: Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, purity, peace, truth and protection.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Goofing around... wink!

Oh, the snake in the picture is unreal; I was just goofing around. Wink! It was taken at the picnic grounds of Dahilayn Adventure Park.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You deserve good treats!

In this fast-paced world, we deserve treats – especially after a long and tiring day. There are many ways to treat yourself; one is, buy something that you like or would make you happy, have good conversations with people who are dear to you, have a good beauty rest and of course, not to forget, good food.

There are lots of good foods around, but we are looking for something that would tickle (especially) our sense of taste. I suggest to treat yourself at Auntie Anne's and be stunned by its variety of pretzels and goodies. We rarely see pretzels around; so dining at Auntie Anne’s is indeed a nice treat.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rain or Shine

This picture was taken during the Sinulog Festival 2011 at Cebu City with my friend Natty; this was during the street parade. It was a sunny morning and people gathered on the sidewalks to witness the floats and street dancers / performers.

Early in the afternoon, it rained heavily without anticipating it. Of course we didn't worry, especially me that I had my Nike hat - rain or shine, the parade was pushed through.

Certified IT GIRL fanatic!

One day, I was so bored to death at work, I logged in to my Facebook (FB) account (to read news feed) to at least ease the boredom I feel, but I got bored even more. I browsed some games while killing the time 'til my log-off-time from work. I came across of the game "It Girl" that really caught my attention until I was hooked for hours, days and months. Actually, I was the first one to play "It Girl" in the office, until I got everyone so addicted of the game. hehe

Playing "It Girl" is somewhat the same as having a Barbie doll - virtual doll that is. You can do a lot to your It girl - from changing her clothes and hair styles to attending parties to earn money for shopping from different fashion capitals like New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. You can even buy a car for your It Girl and choose a boyfriend for her from the circles of dashing debonair gentlemen.

When I was young, I had dolls but they only had a few clothes. So I really didn't get the chance to do styling for them. The game "It Girl" tickles my creativity in styling; although I'm not a professional (yet), but I'm still taking baby steps, and who knows, I might take it professionally in the future. why not?! wink

And, I want to share some of the styles I made for my It Girl doll. I hope you like them; let me know what do you think... =)