Friday, May 13, 2011

Curl or Straight, it's Alright

My hair is naturally wavy; I’ve promised myself to rebond my hair annually to have the straight hair I’ve been longing to have. Since lately I need to tie my hair and do ponytails most of the time, so I thought of moving my rebond schedule a few months later. So, I thought of buying a hair straightener to straighten and curl my hair every now and then. I just actually bought a new one from JML Proceramic Straighteners.
I was strolling at SM Cagayan de Oro, a demo on curling hair using straightener iron caught my attention. I watched the demo until the promo lady asked me if she can do the demo on my hair. So I agreed right away since I was also planning of buying a new one. While she was doing the demo, I thought of taking some pictures. The iron itself has dual purposes - to straight and curl hair. For me, what a great way to save energy (especially when traveling) in bringing straightener and curling irons when you can have just one!


cagayan de oro jobs said...

Interesting. I also am looking for a straightener and curler in one. I think that is the perfect gadget I needed. Thanks for sharing this. I will try to for that in SM Cagayan de Oro.

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