Monday, March 28, 2011

Creativity is the Key

One of my balloon arrangements.

This was made to welcome New Year 2011. It has been a belief that the color red is a lucky color; so I chose the family of red colors for this arrangement to welcome the New Year with positive vibes and much luck.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Silliman University's Larena Hall Dormitory

Larena Hall  

My official residence for 4 years when I was studying at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. 
An all-girls dormitory that has 3 floors and can accommodate more than 100 dormers. 

I had rich memories when I was in this dormitory - I met girls from different cities and countries with different personalities; different activities were also encouraged - like sports fest, devotion, parties, pageants, etc. 

It was an honor for me to be one of the officers and advisers; house rules were implemented in friendly ways - to learn from each other and helping each other to enrich our skills.

My Alma Mater - Silliman University

Silliman Hall - Silliman University's main building (the very first building). It was restored in 2001 for the centennial celebration.

Silliman University is one of the country’s top Christian institutions committed to total development for well being of society and the environment. A 62-hectar campus with 300 Acacia trees is located in the heart of Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

The University was established in 1901 by Presbyterian missionaries and it was the first American private school to be founded in the country.

Silliman was names after Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, a retired businessman and philanthropist from Cohoes, New York – who gave the initial sum of $10,000 to start the school. Silliman got its university status in 1938.

I'm proud to be a Sillimanian. I got my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication in 2004.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hats Off to 2011 Graduates – Congratulations! CHEERS!

My graduation picture - I got my Bachelor's Degree last 2004 at Silliman University

Congratulations to the 2011 Graduates!!!

No more waking up early in the morning to attend morning classes; staying up late at night to study for the exams; spending much on projects; group practices for presentations; chasing teachers to get your grades.

Hello Corporate World - Cheers!!!

I Zipped It; I Conquered My Fears!!

I conquered Asia’s longest dual zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, last June 14, 2010. I experienced the extreme adrenaline with the following conditions: Weather - Cloudy; Temperature – 22 degrees Celsius and wind speed – 20 kph.

The Dahilayan Adventure was started with a long drive from my city to Bukidnon for more than 2 hours. The travel was worth it – the park was indeed something to look forward to, because there is so much in store for the visitors, and one is the zipline adventure. Zip Zone’s dual carrying cables – 840 meters long from one point to another; total length of cables is 2,460 meters.

After the tiring zips, dine at their very cosy picnic area (within the heart of the park) and enjoy the very nice views with pine trees and cold weather. Have fun taking pictures at their zoo area with life-size animal statues.

It was indeed an amazing adventure I won’t forget…

3 things

3 things in life when gone and never come back

3 things in life that should never be lost

3 things in life that are most valuable

3 things in life that are certain

3 things in life that make a person

3 things in life that can destroy a person

3 things that are truly constant


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where art thou my Oishi Manju? =(

Oishi Manju - freshly baked Korean little cakes with chocolate and mocha fillings... yum! yum! wheeeee wink wink

I'm craving for you my Oishi Manju; where art thou? sob sob... =( I've been looking around here in my city, but I couldn't find one... sob sob... huhuhu

When I go back to Cebu or visit any cities, for sure I'm gonna look for you... 'til we meet again my Oishi Manju - wheee

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prayers can move mountains...

These are not just ordinary candles - I lit these candles at the church of Santo NiƱo de Cebu when I was in Cebu (Visayas of Philippines) last January for the annual Sinulog Festival. The said festival was joined by visitors and tourists from different cities and countries to witness the rich religious culture of Filipino people.

Lighting candles when praying symbolizes God's presence and light shining in the darkness of our minds and hearts - caused by our imperfections as human beings. It also invites God's holy presence in our lives - to cleanse us from our sins, to be better people with worth and to be God's instruments of light to others.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great things start from small beginnings...

It's 12:22 am - March 14, 2011 and I'm still up to make my very first blog.

Well, I have been wanting to have blogs, but I didn't have the chance due to busy schedules at work and other personal daily errands.

Now, I'm still busy though, but I thought of giving time to make blogs to express my thoughts, feelings, ideas, share my knowledge and to introduce myself, so that others will learn from me, as I will learn a lot from them as well.

This is indeed a beginning to my blogging world. I am expecting to learn a lot from people I will meet  along the way. And, I hope I can inspired people as well - because that is one of my main objectives why I'm having this blog. I'm looking forward to this new venture that I'm in now. Cheers!

Emm - March 14, 2011