Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can Love be Based on IQ and EQ?

A lot of people think that high IQ and EQ are impossible to combine in order to have good and steady romantic relationships; they say, it should be high IQ and low EQ or the other way around to make the relationship work and last.

In my own point of views, love doesn’t have patterns, procedures or formulas to follow; it doesn’t have race, religion and age. When the right person and time come - with sparks and chemistry, then go for it!

Each one of us was born with a soul mate - who’ll make our lives complete and more meaningful. Love and relationship shouldn’t be based on how high your IQ is or how many relationships you’ve had that make your EQ high; Love should be unconditional - accepting and loving the uniqueness, shortcomings, weaknesses and imperfections of your mate perfectly.


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