Friday, May 27, 2011

MYM, BM, RT & PF: A Sweet and Blissful Birthday


Smiling Sally
Since my birthday is fast approaching, I thought of posting a picture that is somewhat related to it. =)

This picture was taken on my birthday a few years ago. My co-teachers at WeLC surprised me with this pink poster that had a little of blue and red-ink markers used for the greetings and wishes, a little of yellow on the flower decors and with my red polo shirt that perfectly fit for this week's Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Pink Friday memes.

I hope you can drop by often at my site, thanks and have a blissful week everyone! cheers! =)


SHY said...

What a sweet co teachers you have. Anyway you look great and advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you..see you in my entry.

SavvyMama said...

wow, how sweet naman!

vernz said...

Happy Birthday din.. same pala tayo teach... :) was here for PF hope you can visit back.

chubskulit said...

Advance happy birthday to us!

That's gorgeous!

Pink Tonic at y home page, have a great weekend!

kat said...

ka sweet sa mga co-teachers...anyway, Advance Happy Birthday Emmz and thanks for the visit.

Cheerful said...

that's so sweet of them to do...anyway, advance happy birthday, wishin' you a great one! have a lovely week! :)

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