Friday, June 24, 2011

Silliman University's Larena Hall - My Dormitory Life

First of all, let me tell you a short story about my college life. I wasn’t really planning on moving out from my city and move to another school to have a Bachelor’s Degree. But due to some problems occurred in my previous school, I had to move to another school and coincidentally to another city as well – as per advice from my friends. Well, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication at Silliman University in Dumaguete City. At first, I was puzzled, because I didn’t know that Silliman University exists, and it was also my first time to encounter Dumaguete City.

As what the saying goes, “we don’t know what we’re missing until it arrives.” Well, this is true to me. Well, I guess I should be thankful of the incident then, because deciding to move and study at Silliman University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. This may sound mushy, but it’s true.
Since I was so unfamiliar of the place, my parents decided to send me to a dormitory - so that I can meet girls from different cities, and I had a dorm manager who’ll be watching over me while I’m away from home - which was easy for them to monitor me as well.
 Anyone who encounters the word “dormitory” would probably think of the words “strict rules” and “boring”. Well, I thought of this too; my first weeks at the dorm were really emotional drowning. But because of my open mindedness and personality, I was able to adjust; well I needed to, to meet up my goals - to finish college and have a degree.

I stayed at Larena Hall for 4 years. Larena Hall is one of the big ladies dormitories inside the campus of Silliman University. It’s in between Woodward Hall (dormitory for girls) and Doltz Hall (dormitory for boys); and fronting the University’s Main Library.
Yes, there were dormitory rules and activities to follow, like:
* Curfew – curfew time is at 9:30 pm.

* Study Time – at night before bed check; dormers are expected to stay inside their
respective rooms to study. Personal and phone calls are not allowed.

* Closed Week – minimal activities will be done a week before the major exams – so
that dormers can study and concentrate on their exams.

* Bed Check – student assistants have to check each room for the dormers’
attendance. If some dormers are not yet home after the curfew, the
incident will be reported to the dorm manager for disciplinary

* Siesta Hours – from 12 noon to 2 pm, the dormitory is closed – no phone and
personal calls are allowed.

* Meal-Time Schedules – there are allotted time schedules in eating breakfast,
lunch and dinner.

* Laundry Days – each dormer has one laundrywoman to wash her clothes and sheets
regularly; the laundry days are Monday and Thursday.

* Devotions – since Silliman University is a Protestant school, each dormer is
expected to respect and participate in the University’s religious

* Mid-week Service – religious service done every Wednesday at Silliman Church.

* Acquaintance Party (dorm and inter-dorm) – usually done at the first few months
of the school year.

* Ms. Larena Pageant– a mock dormitory pageant. Ms. Larena will be an automatic
representative to any inter-dorm activities together with the
dormitory officers.

* Sports Fest (dorm and inter-dorm) – for physical fitness and teambuilding.

* Parade – the dormers are expected to participate in the annual Parada
Sillimaniana – usually happens before the Founder’s Day.

* Open House – the dormers are required to make up their rooms for public
visitations – in time for the Founder’s Week.

* Christmas Party – usually done before the dormers go home to their respective
cities and places.

In my four years stay at Larena Hall, I was elected to be the Vice-President (2nd year stay), President (3rd year stay) and Dormitory Adviser (4th year stay). The responsibilities were quite heavy, because I have to maintain peace and harmony among over a hundred girls – in and out of the dormitory. These years are one of the best years in my life; I learned a lot on how to deal with different people with different personalities in cheerful and caring ways – which I still carry until as always wherever life takes me.


The SaucyKodz said...

Hi Emm: Thanks for the most interesting story. I am amazed at all the rules, as life in University here is very relaxed and not at all like your "Dorm/House" rules. It is very true, those who experience different roles in life, have the best advantage to deal with all sorts of different people, different personalities - and you just become a better person to handle lots of different situations. Congratulations to you with all your advancements.
Cheerio for now, Lilly

Emm said...

Wow, thanks dear Lilly, that's sweet of you... You're right, it taught me to be flexible; and to understand and accept differences. Until now, I am still able to apply the things I learned from my dorm.

Thanks much Lilly; see you around... cheers!

LUVIN C said...

Hi, I too stayed in Larena, back then when it was still a boys dorm. I stayed on the third floor, where you could see the letter L of LARENA.

Anonymous said...

Hi ate Emms! Hope you remember me... I came across your page and it excites me..I wanted to tell you that this is so awesome! Keep up the good work ate! Cheers! - Jj Doltz Haller

Chester Villamil said...

Ey..Ems correct me if i am wrong the 2nd picture is the freedom wall used to be a pelota court isn't it? is it still there?

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