Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink Friday: Pink Pens and Pencils Case

For this week's Pink Friday meme, I'm featuring my pink pens and pencils case. The picture was taken at my area in our English laboratory.

I was sneaking when I took the picture; cameras and phones aren't allowed inside the laboratory. Hey, it's our secret okay? my trainer doesn't have to know about this. ssshh lol

Happy Pink Friday guys and gals, cheers!


Rcel said...

Hahaha! You are a big time sneaker! Well, I am, too, so yeah, that's going to be our secret! Hahaha. Nice pink pencil case by the way! :)

My Pinks:
Blooms on my Last Day of Class
Pink in the Mirror
Hope to see you! Thanks and have a great weekend!

chubskulit said...

Very pretty!

MY Pink, have a great weekend!

Emm said...

at Rcel: haha no one should know our secret sissy; all for the love of blogging.. haha

at Chubs: thanks sissy; visited you back.. see you around..

cheers! =)

MommyandMatt said...

lol, don't risk again nxt time! ahaha

peachkins said...

Ok, I won't tell happy PF

cheerful said...

ok, i will keep quiet! hehehe...:) have a great week.

Emm said...

at mommyandmatt: haha I'll try not to.. lol

at peachkins: haha thanks bud! happy pf! =)

at cheerful: hehe thanks buddy! likewise.. see you around.. cheers! =)

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