Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Fridays: Cute Baby Belle

I apologize if I wasn't able to participate lately - 'been real busy these days and usually get home so tired. I hope everyone's okay...

Anyways, the baby in the picture above is my second cousin - Angelina Belle, a half Filipino and a half Australian with her sleepy look (lol), pink clothes and pink surroundings. She's actually a placer in the recent Baby Photo Competition Promo by Huggies diapers.



Rcel said...

hi pink baby! love your pink bed! :)

Anyway, I have my pink entries waiting for your visit as well:
House on the Rock
Pink Hyacinth
Thanks and see you! :)

chubskulit said...


Late bloghopping for PF. would you mind peeking at my Pink Pixie? Thanks!

Corbitoness said...

A cute baby surrounded by anything pink!

Visiting via Pink Fridays. Hope you can do the same.

Hello Patrick Star!

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