Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shine Jesus Shine

Divine Mercy Shrine
El Salsador, Misamis Oriental
May of 2010 when I joined (with my aunts, grandmother and cousins) our annual family reunion – held at Iligan City. On our way home, we decided to visit the Divine Mercy Shrine, since it's located at El Salvador – which we can pass by on our way to Cagayan de Oro City.
At that time, the 50-feet Shrine was still under construction. Despite of it, devotees and visitors were still welcomed. The organizers of the shrine made clear that there are rules to be followed strictly when you are in the sanctuary. The place should be kept solemn; Cameras and bags are not allowed in going up to the altar. They also have skirts (for women) to be borrowed when entering the Shrine.

The rays of the Divine Mercy serve as the stairs in going to and from the heart of the statue of Christ. In the heart of Christ is a mini altar. The organizers of the shrine encourage people to pray while on their way to the altar, because everyone will only be given at least a minute to stay there, so that everyone will be given the chance to reach the altar.

Before you can go up to the altar at the heart of the statue of Christ, a short seminar (about the Shrine’s rules and the intentions of visiting the place) will be conducted. They strictly implement the “No Seminar, No Entry” policy – this is to have order in the Shrine. (With my grandma; the picture was taken before the seminar started.)


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