Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Week: Eat but no meat

I’m a Roman Catholic Christian, and I usually observe the religious activities set by the church – especially on Holy Week. I’m not a super religious person, but I’m prayerful and I have a personal relationship with God. In fact, I was an active youth leader (Youth For Christ – YFC) when I was younger – both community and campus bases.
Today is Holy Friday, a lot of people ask if eating meat is really prohibited on this day. In my own opinion – especially in this modern time, I guess it’s okay to eat meat, but of minimal portion only. The main objective of Holy Week is to abstain – meaning to minimize the things you usually do or food you usually eat, like meat; these are so called little sacrifices. I guess it’s not really too much to ask, compared to the (physical, emotional and mental) pains that Jesus went through to save all mankind.

Actually, abstinence is not only done during Holy Week, but even before you take communion in mass; it’s advisable not too have food intake an hour before the mass. I know some people who wake up at dawn – around 2 or 3 am to pray, have 9 days novena or even travel to attend the feasts of Saints, because it has been a belief that if you pray with little sacrifices, what you have prayed for will be answered and granted.

So, it’s okay to eat meat, but just small cuts; but it’s also advisable not to.


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