Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Certified IT GIRL fanatic!

One day, I was so bored to death at work, I logged in to my Facebook (FB) account (to read news feed) to at least ease the boredom I feel, but I got bored even more. I browsed some games while killing the time 'til my log-off-time from work. I came across of the game "It Girl" that really caught my attention until I was hooked for hours, days and months. Actually, I was the first one to play "It Girl" in the office, until I got everyone so addicted of the game. hehe

Playing "It Girl" is somewhat the same as having a Barbie doll - virtual doll that is. You can do a lot to your It girl - from changing her clothes and hair styles to attending parties to earn money for shopping from different fashion capitals like New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. You can even buy a car for your It Girl and choose a boyfriend for her from the circles of dashing debonair gentlemen.

When I was young, I had dolls but they only had a few clothes. So I really didn't get the chance to do styling for them. The game "It Girl" tickles my creativity in styling; although I'm not a professional (yet), but I'm still taking baby steps, and who knows, I might take it professionally in the future. why not?! wink

And, I want to share some of the styles I made for my It Girl doll. I hope you like them; let me know what do you think... =)


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