Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where art thou my Oishi Manju? =(

Oishi Manju - freshly baked Korean little cakes with chocolate and mocha fillings... yum! yum! wheeeee wink wink

I'm craving for you my Oishi Manju; where art thou? sob sob... =( I've been looking around here in my city, but I couldn't find one... sob sob... huhuhu

When I go back to Cebu or visit any cities, for sure I'm gonna look for you... 'til we meet again my Oishi Manju - wheee


myhavenmyheaven said...

Yeah! I missed that too. We used to have it here.. *sigh*

Emm said...

Oh really? gee, how come I didn't notice? lol tsktsk

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